Let's get to know more about laminate flooring

With laminate flooring, you can meet most or all your flooring needs in a single flooring line. In addition, beauty, durability, and lifespan can serve you well over the years. And with all the added benefits, you may find these floors your best choice. No matter your requirements, you will find a great match here. And the more you know about your options, the better choices you can make when shopping. So, take time to find out how these materials best serve you and your household.

Consider the beautiful appearance of laminate

You'll find an impressive visual selection when you choose laminate wood flooring. These materials mimic wood and stone, with realistic textures, colors, and formats. For many homeowners, these are the perfect visual choice. This is a great place to find the match if you have a specific decor scheme. Enjoy colors, formats, textures, and installation layouts that match any look. And you can match the material to your particular area of need with ease.

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Durability matters when it comes to laminate flooring

You may find the durability of these floors to be just what you need. Laminate flooring resists scuffs, scratches, and stains and even offers customizable thicknesses. In addition, the materials and their wear layers offer thicknesses that cater to your needs. Don't forget to ask about water-resistant features, which could serve you well. In specific spaces, they can help extend the life of your flooring. And they'll always bring extra peace of mind and so much more.

Laminate floors are easy to install

These floors offer a one-day installation time or less with a click and lock system. And once they're in place, you can walk on them right away. Be sure to ask about laminate features you can use from this flooring line.
Laminate flooring in Knox, IL from Breslin's Floor Covering

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When you visit Breslin's Floor Covering, you'll find a vast inventory of flooring materials. And our associates are happy to help you create the look and experience that matches your needs. So, when you share your flooring dreams with us, we'll ensure you find a fantastic option.

Take time to visit our Galesburg, IL showroom to find your perfect laminate flooring. We serve residents from Knox, IL, Warren, IL, Henderson, IL, Mercer, IL, McDonough, IL, Henry, IL, and Stark, IL. And we're ready to work alongside you for any size remodel.